The Call to Adventure

Women’s Transformative Creative Writing Retreat

“Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors where there were only walls”    Joseph Campbell

Workshops held near Atlanta, Birmingham, Jackson, Nashville, New Orleans and other cities nation-wide and internationally.

Whether you are a professional writer or only write grocery lists, if you are looking for a exciting, creative and introspective retreat you have found it! This retreat will reveal truths of your journey–past, present, and future–through the process of creative storytelling and the hero’s journey.

The Call to Adventure (CTA) is a unique and transformative retreat that uses creative writing and the 3-Act story structure to connect you with your intuition and the calling to the life you were meant for.

The framework is inspired by Joseph Campbell’s monomyth- The Hero’s Journey.

About the Writing Retreat

Have you heard your call to adventure? Are you afraid of getting out of your comfort zone? This one-of-a-kind retreat is inspired by Michele’s passion for writing, coupled with her passion to empower women. In this retreat, you’ll learn how use the creative process of storytelling using ‘The Hero’s Journey’ to become the alchemist of your own life.

Outcomes of The Call to Adventure Retreat

  • Create, write, journey, & introspect with like-minded women and who knows what miracles occur?

  • Connect with your intuition through story. Your story.

  • Create your unique story for personal transformation. Explore the healing connection through writing.

  • Learn how to align your personal story with your life’s purpose.

    What’s keeping you from answering the call?

Everyone has a story! Are you ready to pen your journey?

You are already the author of your life’s story. Your reality is a well orchastrated creation of that narrative.

If you want to change your life, you must rewrite your narrative. This instrospective journey following the monomyth will create a sound foundation to craft your personal story and inspire a well developed and intended new path that aligns with your most authentic self.


Who is this writing workshop for? Women who…

  • have a story to tell. 
  • need inspiration and movitation to write their journey through introspective storytelling.
  • are struggling personally or professionally and seek insight from their own intuition. 
  • are overwhelmed with life and need to destress creatively and explore their journey with other like-minded women.
  • want to free their imagination through writing their own transformative journey. 
  • want to create a new narrative for their life. 
  • want to put the magic back in their life!

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Life is a story!


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