Speaking services available in Mobile, Birmingham, Jackson, Nashville, and Pensacola.

Looking to energize your workforce and create a meaningful opportunity for personal growth in the workplace? Michele Mathis is the speaker for you! Michele has years of experience speaking and motivating groups, from small teams to large corporate seminars.

Experienced Workplace Speaker- Southeast Region

With a Master’s in Psychology, as well as certifications in both Hypnosis and Reiki, Michele has cultivated her own multi-disciplined brand of personal development. She has a diverse set of tools to draw from in addressing any audience, and her engaging and friendly presence makes every event a success.

Corporate Seminars and Workshops -Louisiana & Mississippi

Michele spent several years working in a corporate environment. She understands the fast-paced demands and challenges of corporate cultures. As more individuals in the workforce are striving for personal fulfillment, she understands that the dogmatic attitudes of the past are no longer working. Companies need fresh ideas and a positive environment to keep their employees feeling motivated and valued, so they can perform at their highest potential.

Motivational Workshops

Michele is gifted with emotional intelligence and the practice of both expression and empathy, all of which are at the heart of interpersonal relationships. These skills allow her to prepare custom speeches from a wide variety of subjects, using her passion and genuineness to inspire others.

The Art of Manifesting Change

Learn how to create harmony and manifest joy by connecting with your creative flow.

Consciousness Bootcamps

Connecting Mind, Body & Spirit.

What’s Money Got to do With it?

Top 3 roadblocks we create that keep us from our own potential and the life we deserve.

Hypnosis, The Alternative

Would the mental health industry look different if we were able to recondition our own negative thought patterns?


Release Resistance through Rewriting Your Story.

The Point of Perception

Change your perception, change your reality.

Need a Motivational Speaker for Your Workplace?

Michele is available to present speeches, seminars, and to facilitate team building workshops for your group in the following regional areas: New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Mobile, Birmingham, Jackson, Nashville, and Pensacola. If you’re ready to cultivate and inspire your team in a corporate environment, Michele is the speaker for you. Get in touch today!

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