I help women achieve perspective and direction, through a holistic and creative approach, so they can focus on their life’s purpose and passion.

 I want to use my enthusiasm for life and my own philosophy of personal development to help others find their spark and put joy back into their life.

My Story

I wanted to write a personal note to introduce myself. My friends decribe me as a modern-day gypsy. I suppose that is because I could never stay any place too long. But it wasn’t just geographically; I didn’t stay in relationships or jobs that long either. I was searching. I was lost. 

I didn’t have much emotional support growing up so I always sought my identity through others. I’ve lost friends along the way as I’ve tried to conform to the beat of many drums not certain who I really was. The pressure to keep up appearances and the constant need for approval led to exhaustion among a bevy of other self-destructive behaviors that eventually led to shame, guilt, divorce and depression. 

At the age of thirty four I was divorced, no children, no family, no money and stuck in a energy sucking job. I had surely hit rock bottom but I knew my life wasn’t supposed to be unhappy. I’ve always innately known that although I spent 15 years in a gloomy fog. However, I’ve always wondered if there was mitus touch for life…

I’ve always been fascinated with the mind and spirit.

Although writing was my first love and creative outlet in life, my dad encouraged a more practical course of study so I chose a Psychology major. Although I didn’t practice long after graduate school, I never stopped studying Psychology. It wasn’t my time for that path for two reasons. First of all, I had zero self worth and didn’t see how I could help anyone. Secondly, traditional methods weren’t personally working me so I left the field. 

I kept a fierce passion for personal growth and my first love, writing. 

Trading that career in for a corporate setting was not exactly an upgrade. Montarily it was but emotionally it wasn’t for me. Oddly enough however, that was a time when I felt most validated by others so of course I stayed… over 10 years.  Always reading and journaling, I kept a fierce passion for personal growth and my first love, writing. 

This small town girl found new philosophies, new practices and a holistic approach of overall health and wellbeing. I became obsessed studying how the mind works and consciousness as a whole. I eventually became trained in Reiki and Hypnotherapy while still supporting myself with traditional jobs. The more I followed this new path the more questions or should I say concerns people had about my new path but I’d personally never felt better. I was doing the inner work and things were transforming. I found the man I would spend my life with and I gave birth to our daughter at the age of 39.  My only source of anxiety was that I was holding onto work that no longer served me. I was trying to be all things to all people. The only thing worse than the stress was the immense fear of leaving the known and walking into the unknown. 

I knew I couldn’t straddle fences anymore. Was I going to take the road less traveled? Was I going to create a life that fullfilled me completely and had meaning that resonated with my soul?  This was my call to adventure. Most people resist the call and rightfully so. Transformation can’t occur without death of the old form…and that’s scary as hell. 

I think you know what I chose and the journey is still unfolding!

My Credentials


Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelors of Social Work-University of Southern Mississippi 

Masters of Science in Psychology- University of Southern Mississippi 

Trained Reiki I and II with Tambi Matich, Franklin, Tennessee 

IACT Certified Hypnotherapist- trained with Mark Johnson, Dallas, Texas

Professional Writing Program Graduate- University of California Los Angeles 

Writer’s Bootcamp Member

Is it time for a change?

Michele has the academic background that builds a solid foundation in the counseling field. But, it was her detour from the conventional that led her to her passion. 

Michele wanted to create something amazing for others while combining her two passions in life, writing and psychology. She uses her traditional academic roots with new philosophies of spirituality and mythology, particularly The Hero’s Journey, to help innovate change and transformation. 

Michele created both programs,a transformative writing retreat, The Call to Adventure, and a day retreat, Consciousness Bootcamp, for YOU! Free yourself from comparison and judgement and begin creating the life you were meant for.

My Services

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