My Credentials

Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelors of Social Work-University of Southern Mississippi 

Masters of Science in Psychology- University of Southern Mississippi 

Professional Screenwriting Program Graduate- University of California, Los Angeles

Writer’s Bootcamp Member

Screenwriting Mentorship with Paul Chitlik

Screenwriting Mentorship with Scott Myers

Trained Reiki I and II with Tambi Matich, Franklin, Tennessee 

My Story

I wanted to write a personal note to introduce myself. My friends decribe me as a modern-day gypsy. I suppose that is because I could never stay any place too long. But it wasn’t just geographically; I didn’t stay in relationships or jobs that long either. I was searching for something. 

I didn’t have much emotional support growing up so I sought my identity through others only to end up feeling empty. I found my creative expression through writing and although I’ve been writing short stories and poetry since I could form sentences, I found my passion in screenwriting. I love the visual medium of storytelling.   

At the age of thirty-three, I found myself stuck in a energy sucking career that I hated. I swore that I would find a way to live my passion. I didn’t tell anyone. I didn’t want anyone to talk me out of my dream or discourage me. I put my head down and started taking screenwriting seriously, learning everything I could. I’ve read countless books published on screenwriting and I became a self-proclaimed Joseph Campbell protege’, studying his works in Mythology. I graduated from UCLA’s Professional Screenwriting Program which led to subsequent mentorships with two establishished screenwriters. 

I was able to understand how my creativity is linked to my intuition.

Through all of the education, mentorships, workshops, countless books, I still felt that there was an egnima to screenwriting.  Great stories are not easy to write, especially if you don’t have the right formula.  I thought to myself that if I’m having trouble in the middle of my script, if you’ve read any screenwriting book they will tell you this is where most people have problems, then I wasn’t grasping something key that other great screenwriters knew. 

I began to go back to Joseph Campbell’s work and the underlying spritual foundation of his oeuvre.  I stopped writing completely for nearly two years to set out on my own spiritual journey. 

That was truly the ticket for me! I was able to understand how my creativity was linked to my intuition and how to tap into that intuition. I found my voice and learned how to use effectively in my craft. 

I came back to writing with a completely different perspective and was able to understand elements of my craft that I never could before. 

Now I love to collaborate with others while making my own strides in the industry.