“What once could only crawl, can now fly”

Have you ever wondered why butterflies have a completely different moniker than caterpillars? Aren’t they the same species?

Did the caterpillar die in the chrysalis and resurrect magically? Well no, not literally, but there is a death. Death of form. What once could only crawl, can now fly.

I’ve read that some people in certain ancient cultures would change their name completely if they experienced a spiritual transformation. It was an honor, as it is still for the butterfly.

We all want to embody the butterfly. The beauty that emerges from its metamorphosis is awe-inspiring. The transformation of this creature is indeed miraculous. But, it must very difficult to navigate this world from its lowest point, the ground. The surrender to transform is innate for the caterpillar. Why are we so terrified by it?

The chrysalis forms and the caterpillar is powerless to mother nature. There is nothing to do but, BE. Everything is already worked out and planned for the caterpillar.

It doesn’t worry about how it’s going to happen. It didn’t create a vision board or a five year plan. It didn’t buy an insurance policy for its branch that it chose to hang during its most vulnerable. It can only, BE.

Wow. That would be way too simple for us, right? It’s simply not the way we are conditioned but perhaps being grounded to mother earth is not so bad. Perhaps the caterpillar is so tuned in that it can feel her nudge to get prepared. Then…surrender.

Surrender to the transformation. Surrender to the miracle. Earn your wings and FLY.

I wonder if a miracle would occur within us if we surrendered?


Amazing Life Cycle of the Monarch Butterly