Can you manifest the completion of your goals? Futhermore, what does that really mean and is manifestation even real?
We talk about this more in depth on the podcast but manifestation is real and you are doing it everyday whether you believe in it or not.

The law of attraction has been pushed into a new age philosophy box but really at its core its just the law of cause and effect. With every action there is a reaction.

Thought is an action and you will continue to bring about events in your life to validate your thoughts and beliefs (reaction).  My mantra is, you bring about what you think about. 

In my last workshop, I told my tribe about a manifesting recipe which I will share with you.

1. Use meditation or creative play (whatever you like to do such as painting, writing, etc) to get ‘hits’ from your intuition which some people call your gut feeling. 

2. Intuition leads to inspiration. Your intuition is always trying to reach you and give you inspiration and motivation if we could just take the time to turn down the noise we’d ‘hear’ it.

3. Inspired action is joyful action which is the path of least resistance. This path is the fastest way to receive.

If you are constantly feeling stressed and uninspired by the goals you created for yourself, maybe it’s time to reevaluate your path.

Remember, there is no failure just mile markers to this thing called life.
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