Your destiny is death.

The only destiny you can be certain of is death so why not create your own?

Everyone says life is precious but we don’t treat it that way. Do you go through life as a working cog only living for the weekend or vacation that you take once or twice a year? Is it time for a change?

I think so.

Treat your life as precious as it is!  You are not guaranteed tomorrow.

We live our life working toward linear goals, always looking ahead.

Living in the present is not a new concept but nevertheless still an unexplored one.

When I started reading personal growth and self help books, I was always drawn to the metaphysical but I didn’t understand how to apply the universal laws to work for me.

The idea of destiny can destine you for unhappiness.  What can you do today that will bring JOY to your life?

I used to have a joy calendar and I urge you to make one.  I made a list of activities that make me happy. Some cost money like getting a massage and some do not such as taking an epsom salt bubble bath. I would make sure that I did one thing daily that brought me personal happiness. Sometimes it would be just a walk in nature.

Joy should be your first priority!

Its infectious and the world needs more JOY!