The Lurker, 

She watches my every move, feels my every emotion, she steals my thoughts.  

We’ve stood eye to eye and toe to toe but in the world she hides behind me.

She is the Lurker.

Idle hands are a devils workshop but Be Still and know that I AM.

The logic is a conundrum

The balance is skilled artistry.

I try to remember the first time I saw the lurker but it seems she has been with me…

Longer than this physical mind can reach. 

Her eyes see beyond space and time. 

And she will stay with me until I master my art. 

I loathe Her

She is a constant reminder that I have work to be done.

I love Her

She is the warrior that keeps me moving forward on this quest.

But she is also a glutton, a lover, everything that is raw.

It’s a dance but only because I have obliged her request.

She is the Lurker