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Hi there, I’m Michele Mathis. I use my background in Psychology and Screenwriting to help writers find their unique voice to create their best story.

Creative Coach: Find Your Voice

It’s so nice to meet you! I like to consider myself a free-spirited writer and a personal growth junkie. I want to help others achieve perspective and clarity about their writing process. I’ve learned through years of study, particularly Joseph Cambell’s work, a key scholarly view on screenwriting, that our creativity is connected to our intution. I love helping others connect to their intution in order to create original authentic works from a distinctive unique voice. 


I recently attended a workshop co-hosted by Michele and I have to say that I was very impressed. It was a great experience, I especially liked the creative writing. I didn’t know I had that kind of creative expression in me! I came away feeling amazing and wondering what else is possible for me. I would highly recommend Michele and her gifts. Lynn Ray

Michele helped me start a new approach to each day with tools to overcome my default method of living. Through our work together I found freedom and empowerment that colored my world with joy, since I no longer hold preexisting expectations and judgements over my life and others. Mary Baker

Michele’s creative coaching has been a Godsend to me.  I’ve made decisions and changed my life course – decisions I would not have made without her insight. She  helped me discover pieces of my story I had not seen. I’m filled with inspiration.   Jenny Barnes

What are you waiting for? 

Your voice is needed!

What makes a good film or play?

A Good Story!

Let me help you create yours.

“Follow your Bliss”, Joseph Cambell

I spent many years adrift, but once I decided to live according to my passion everything fit. So many times, our creativity is crushed by the stressors of life… but your story is inside of you waiting to come out! 

What will you learn?

Your Voice

Exercises to uncover your original distinctive voice.


Fundamental 3-act Story Structure


 Major plot points in all mainstream movies


Demystifying theme and why theme is important. 


How to write three-dimensional characters and the use of subtext.


My own formula created from years of formal education, mentorships and script analysis.