Consciousness Bootcamp

Weight loss edition

Want to lose weight and keep if off forever?
Dread getting dressed in the morning because nothing fits.  Have you tried every diet and failed.  Are you sick and tired of being tired.  Do you hate always thinking about being over weight and the limitations it causes.  Do you want a holistic way to have the best body you can have?
This weigh-loss hypnosis workshop is the ticket!

Phase 1

*learn your emotional triggers to food
*break bad food habits and unhealthy cravings for good
*change your relationship with food- change your life
*recondition your subconscious for a healthy eating system keep the weight off forever.
1.5 hour hypnosis
Space is limited to 20!
May 27th @ Soul Synergy Flowood MS
June 9th @ Atmalogy Nashville TN

Details to be posted soon. Sign up below to be notified when course begins!

Consciousness Bootcamp

Relationship edition

Are you tired of the riding the relationship roller coaster?  Do you wonder why you attract the same type person over and over and can’t find the love you know you deserve?


*Learn how we have all been programmed for co-dependence

*Understand our misunderstanding of love and relationships

*Learn why you always feel disappointed in love

*Uncover and break your limiting patterns so you can find the love you deserve.

Workshop includes: seminar, workbook, & 1.5 hour group hypnosis.

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